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african american woman looking curiously into corner against orange wall

The Neurodiversity Stream

Levyl is proud to partner with Xceptional to bring our Neurodiversity stream to life.

The Neurodiversity Stream 

The Neurodiversity stream uplifts and diversifies the representation, visibility and inclusion of Neurodiverse professionals in People & Culture teams. It is dedicated to securing meaningful employment opportunities for Neurodivergent candidates within forward-thinking and inclusive organisations.

Levyl and Xceptional

We believe that we can achieve real impact through the High Potential Program with the companies we forge strong partnerships with, furthered by the support of our external specialist partners.

Levyl is excited to partner with Xceptional to bring to life our Neurodiversity Stream.

Through our partnership we will support organisations in attracting, recruiting and retaining Neurodiverse P&C professionals.

About Xceptional

Xceptional stands at the forefront of promoting neurodiversity inclusion, recognising and valuing the exceptional skills and perspectives that neurodivergent individuals contribute to the workplace. As experts in recruitment, training, and the creation of inclusive environments, Xceptional tirelessly champions the visibility, understanding, and acceptance of the neurodiverse community. By doing so, Xceptional ensures that neurodivergent talents are not just recognised but celebrated, enabling them to thrive and innovate in their respective fields with confidence and pride.

About Levyl

Through our High Potential Program we have identified seven different diversity pillars, one is the Neurodivergent pillar. Our intent is to use our unique four-stage framework as a guide in building bespoke consulting streams to allow for identified P&C hires for each diversity pillar.

  • We seek to challenge bias in recruitment and encourage our clients to think differently about every vacancy they fill.

  • We are motivated to drive a stronger connection between internal DE&I teams and frontline hiring managers.

  • We take pride in the promotion and creation of progressive search and selection method.

How does it work?

The consulting streams are structured around a four-stage framework, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach:

  • Step 1: Role Design & Search Consultation: We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your needs and tailor the recruitment process accordingly. This stage may be complimented by workshops, guides, resources and inclusion assessments.

  • Step 2: Recruitment Journey: Through a targeted search and selection process, we identify and engage potential candidates, move through the shortlist, interview, feedback and offer journey, ensuring a strong match is achieved.

  • Step 3: Post Placement Onboarding and Support: Following a successful placement, we offer continued support that may take the form of coaching, mentoring, onboarding work and projects to ensure a smooth transition for both the new employee and organisation.

  • Step 4: Process Evaluation: The final stage involves an evaluation of the process and the outcomes, modifications made, challenges experienced, and opportunities identified. We use this stage as a means of determining how we can further meaningful work on DEI and perhaps work successes into EVP, advocacy or awareness exercises.

The type of roles we recruit

Our approach is designed to not only fill positions but to enrich organisations with the diversity of thought, experience, and perspective that Neurodiverse individuals bring to the table.

Our partnership specialises in filling a wide range of roles within the People and Culture (P&C) spectrum. We recruit from HRIS Coordinators and Analysts, to HR Systems, Reporting and People Insights, to Remuneration and Benefits & Payroll, to HR Compliance and People & Culture Operations & Projects. However, our HPP is not exclusively catered for these roles alone, rather we suggest that our clients identify jobs at every level for neurodivergent hiring. This, not only to create opportunities but also to create visibility of neurodiversity within their organisation.

How do I sign up?

Is your organisation on a journey towards meaningful Neurodiversity inclusion?

Work with Levyl and Xceptional to Rethink and Redesign your approach to inclusive recruitment.

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The Business Case For The High Potential Program - Neurodiversity

Integrating neurodivergent talent into the workforce offers significant advantages both ethically and from a business perspective. Research shows that neurodivergent individuals can outperform their neurotypical peers by being 48% faster and 92% more productive, enhancing operational efficiency. Teams with neurodiverse members experience over a 30% increase in productivity and creativity, driving innovation.

Attributes associated with autism, dyslexia, and ADHD, such as pattern recognition, attention to detail, problem-solving, and a high level of focus, make neurodivergent individuals particularly valuable in analytical and high-pressure roles.

With up to 15% of the global population being neurodivergent, embracing neurodiversity not only enlarges the talent pool but also significantly boosts business performance and innovation.