young smiling man in green button up shirt
young smiling man in green button up shirt

Why Choose Levyl

We are driven to help people reach their full potential.

We want to encourage and endorse you for great roles!

Finding your dream role can take time and be competitive.

For too many people, this journey is also isolating, emotionally draining and disheartening.

At Levyl, we believe your job search journey should be one of growth, refinement, discovery and connection!

Levyl was established to disrupt the HR recruitment agency market in Australia. This market has been dominated by 3-5 firms with company tenures of 10-20years +.

Our goal is to achieve long-term sustainable outcomes for all of our customers whilst also giving back to society in a meaningful way. We're motivated by seeing people and companies succeed and believe that changing the way we recruit and consider talent will make a huge difference.

We work with some of Australia's most sought after companies who work and think in the same way as us.

Our drive to prove ourselves will see us work harder for you, and we care about your experience.

The three pillars that underpin success working with Levyl are below.


  • We don't differentiate between 'clients' and 'candidates' when it comes to service levels. This is why we refer to people who use our services as 'customers'. This drives us to provide everyone that engages with us with the same time, care and attention required. This is the way it should be!

  • Access state of the art technology.

  • Utilise your own search microsite to save jobs, update your details and engage with us in real time.

  • Industry leading insights, tools and resources. Transparent and frank communication.

  • Focus on long-term sustainable outcomes.

  • Emphasis on collaboration and innovation!

  • Ability to work with speed, unison and empathy.


  • We advocate for HR; champion change and connect people.

  • Ethically, we believe in bias free recruitment, equal opportunity and employment. If you believe you may need extra support in your search towards a role in HR, please check out the High Potential Program here.

  • Networking events and webinars.

  • Industry conversation and collaboration opportunities!

  • Philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

  • We are proud supporters of the Children's Cancer Institute. If we successfully place you into a role, a portion of that fee charged to the client, will be donated straight back to curing kids with cancer, between now and 31 December 2022.


  • We find the right 'fit' by understanding your personal values, motivators and goals.

  • This means we listen, learn and interpret.

  • Organisations with strong cultures, provide huge social and economic benefits. Increased learning, engagement, health and wellbeing all contribute to better financial performance, and enhances the quality of life for both employer and employee.

  • We’re motivated by seeing individuals like you, communities and organisations succeed.

  • Culture is an absolutely vital piece of this puzzle!

  • We also work hard to ensure our personal careers are fulfilling, so that we can be the best versions of ourselves, to serve you.