blonde woman smiling in modern office
blonde woman smiling in modern office

About Us

Levyl is progressive, inclusive and ethical.

We help you close the gap between aspirations and reality

Levyl was established to disrupt the HR recruitment agency market in Australia.

We seek to build long-term relationships based on authenticity and delivery. We lean into the DE&I space in order to achieve real impact through our work.

Key to our approach is championing modern and forward thinking search & selection methods. We strike the balance between realising commercial goals without compromise to ethical practice.  

Our overarching goal is to achieve sustainable outcomes for all our customers whilst giving back to society in a meaningful way.

  • hand held high working with integrity

    Work with integrity

    We've created a culture that is focused on ethics, empathy, compassion and service.

    Our responsibility in recruitment, talent advisory and HR advocacy is not one we take lightly. We pride ourselves on being respectful and real. We will give you the honest advice and feedback you need, to effectively navigate your next steps.

    As an accredited corporate member of the RCSA (the peak industry body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand), we adhere to all industry moral codes and standards.

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    Keep it contemporary

    We invest in the best technology, sourcing channels and recruitment strategies available on market to ensure that you have a first-class experience in partnering with our agency.

    A continuous improvement mindset is implemented in everything that we do. Our search recommendations, workplace policies and advocacy work is constantly evolving in response to an ever-changing world and job market.

    In order to contribute to society in a meaningful way, we place a strong emphasis on community and philanthropy. We aim to bring you fresh and modern events and initiatives, and raise awareness for worthwhile not for profit causes.

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    Be your tomorrow today

    Unearthing potential and seeing the satisfaction gained from hiring the right person or securing a dream job makes OUR role so rewarding.

    We encourage all of our customers to identify goals and work out how to meet them.

    At Levyl, we visualise and take steps towards the agency we aspire to be, every single day, and we think you should work in the same way.

    We believe in potential and purpose. We would love to support you in realising your goals and aspirations, and becoming your future self, now.