mature age professional woman in modern glasses smiling in an office
mature age professional woman in modern glasses smiling in an office

About The Program

We encourage diverse, equitable and inclusive recruitment solutions.

Levyl is passionate about contributing to the creation of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce for all.

Being specialists in HR recruitment, we see first-hand the bias and discrimination that exists in modern day search and selection processes.

To play our part in influencing change, we've created the 'High Potential Program' (HPP).

What is the purpose of this program?

Our goal with the HPP is to get people with lived experience from minority backgrounds into formative positions in HR teams. These professionals can support the development of progressive, inclusive organisational change from the inside out, bringing a humanistic element to the frontline.

  • We aim to provide increased visibility and support to experienced HR professionals who are underrepresented in the workforce.

  • We aim to effectively contribute to the success of the DE&I strategies of the companies in which we partner with, by doing what we do best. Sourcing tier one talent.

  • We believe that in raising awareness of the competitive advantage a diverse and inclusive workforce creates, we will assist in the creation of high performing companies, whilst working with people from our community.

How does the program work?

To participate in the High Potential Program as a client, you will be an organisation that has:

  • Invested in an internal DE&I Lead or team;

  • A mid to large size internal HR function;

  • Determined that you would like to build and nurture a truly diverse and inclusive, future focused workforce;

  • An appetite for diverse candidate shortlists; and

  • A desire to form truly collaborative and long-term invested, supplier partnerships.

To participate in the High Potential Program as a candidate, you may be a person that has faced obstacles due to:

  • Your age, race, gender or nationality;

  • Being a return to work parent, or returning from a long period of absence from the workforce;

  • Living with a disability;

  • Being Neurodivergent;

  • Being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community;

  • Identifying as First Nations people;

  • Facing barriers to gaining an education; or

  •  Seeking part-time, job-share or ultra-flexible employment.

Levyl seek to connect our High Potential candidates with employers who are invested and committed to building diverse and inclusive workforces.

What does participation in this program mean?

As a candidate, we would hope that you increase:

  • Your ability to navigate the job market and perform in job interviews.

  • Your exposure to tier one employers of choice!

  • The chances of you being employed by a company that will provide you with the support you need to be successful.

  • The likelihood of you achieving a fulfilling long-term career in HR.

As a client, we would hope that you increase:

  • Your opportunity to employ candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

  • The awareness of your recruitment team as to available talent that challenges the traditional 'norm'.

  • The educational opportunity to adjust, reshape and develop your recruitment process, onboarding and workplace environment.

  • The performance of your company. Influenced by the benefits of a true diverse and inclusive workforce, driven from within your very own HR team!

Still have questions?

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