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About The Program

Work with Levyl to create recruitment processes that advance DEI in the workplace.

The Problem with Recruitment

Being specialists in People and Culture (HR) recruitment we see firsthand the biases and discrimination that exists in search, selection, and onboarding processes.

As a result, exceptional talent is being overlooked and underleveraged.

This leads to a skewed demographic in People and Culture teams, under-representative of the organisation’s overall workforce. True diversity, visibility and employment longevity is compromised, and organisations are missing out on the opportunity to learn directly from those with lived experience. 

To overcome this, we’ve created the High Potential Program (HPP).

Our Solution: The High Potential Program

The High Potential Program (HPP) is an identified hire DEI recruitment program, that addresses the modifications required throughout the hire, onboard, and employment journey for candidates from specific community groups. This encompasses skills application, policy design, environmental considerations, cultural inclusivity, and career pathways longevity. 

The goal of the HPP is to connect People & Culture (HR) professionals from underrepresented parts of our community to inclusive employers who are looking to create more diverse and equitable environments. 

Which organisations will benefit from the High Potential Program?

Those that are:

  • Determined to build and nurture a truly diverse and inclusive, future focused workforce;

  • Already invested in DE&I, with a Manager or team in place;

  • Focused on uplifting representation of people from all backgrounds into their People & Culture team;

  • Looking for diverse candidate shortlists and talent pipelines; and

  • Committed to forming truly collaborative and invested, supplier partnerships.

Which candidates should participate in the High Potential Program?

Are you ready to unlock your potential and overcome the obstacles life has thrown your way? The High Potential Program is here to support you, especially if you have faced challenges such as:

  • Your age, race, gender or nationality;

  • Being a return to work parent, or returning from a long period of absence from the workforce;

  • Living with a disability;

  • Identifying as neurodivergent;

  • Being a member of LGBTQIA+ communities;

  • Identifying as First Nations people;

  • Facing barriers to gaining an education; or

  • Seeking part-time, job-share or ultra-flexible employment.

Join us and be part of a community that values diversity and inclusivity. Your unique experiences and perspectives make you a perfect candidate for this transformative journey.

Which part of diversity should an organisation focus on?

The challenge organisations face is converting their awareness of the need for DEI into sustainable and transformational action. We understand what is involved in hiring a diverse workforce and understand you need this tools too. Through this program we provide the training and expertise required to generate a feeling of psychological safety and belonging for both you embarking on this journey, but also for your current and future employees. 

Levyl has identified seven different diversity pillars and formulated a four-stage framework that will underpin a consulting stream of work built for each pillar. 

These pillars include: 

  1. Neurodiversity


  3. Disability

  4. Cultural diversity 

  5. Intergenerational

  6. First Nations

  7. Gender Equality 

We have proudly launched our Neurodiversity and LGTBQIA+ streams to market.  

How The High Potential Program Works

We are motivated to drive a stronger connection between internal DE&I teams and frontline hiring managers.

We believe that we can achieve real impact through this program with the companies we forge strong partnerships with, furthered by the support of our external specialist partners.

How we achieve this

Combining forces to create expert recruitment processes

Levyl is proud to have partnered with Xceptional for our Neurodiversity stream and Out for Australia for our LGBTQIA+ stream. 

Levyl brings People & Culture recruitment expertise to the table, whilst our partners bring expertise of relevance to their particular diversity pillar. Together, we seek to gain meaningful employment for People & Culture professionals with progressive and inclusive organisations.

We work with you to identify the true need for this hire

Perhaps your plans for affirmative action haven’t yet taken off, or you’re wary any DEI hires may be seen as tokenistic.

Through our inclusion training and consultation, we work with you to challenge your biases in recruitment and encourage you to think differently about every vacancy you fill.

We supply you with training and resources throughout and after the recruitment process

This includes: 

  1. Role design and search contemplation and alignment

  2. Review of your current and intended recruitment process

  3. Advisement of modifications and additions 

  4. Inclusion workshopsand training 

  5. Tailored candidate briefing packs

  6. Tailored candidate introduction summaries 

  7. Passport for success to hiring manager

  8. Sophisticated search processes, multiple talent pools

  9. Access to cutting edge co-brand digital campaigns

  10. Onboarding support and revisions 

  11. Coaching, mentorship, and feedback facilitation 

  12. Environmental advice, recommendations, and support 

What is the impact on organisations? 

  • Creation of an inclusive culture that fosters higher performance and a competitive advantage.

  • Positively impacting members of our community and setting the standard for how companies should be operating.

  • Increased visibility and support of underrepresented community groups that may be in your organisations ecosystem, but not reflected in your head office. 

  • Taking your organisations’ DEI strategies beyond tokenism to empower diverse, equitable employment opportunities for people from all backgrounds. 

What is the impact on candidates? 

  • Equitable access to P&C opportunities on the job market through the acknowledgment and elimination of biases and discrimination.

  • Exposure to tier one employers of choice that are taking genuine committed action towards diversity and inclusion. 

  • The increased likelihood of being employed by a company that will provide you with the support you need to be successful, and design a long-term fulfilling career.

  • Increased levels of belonging, psychosocial safety and career progression opportunity.