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HR Client Services

Your experience working with Levyl will be bespoke.

We provide a broad range of services to support your company hiring needs.

Permanent contract & temporary recruitment

We specialise in HR recruitment and can work with you on a retained, contingent or temporary search basis. Every opportunity we take on is treated with unique care and attention. Our ability to fill a role for you depends on many different factors which influence success rates including the job brief itself, your employee value proposition, talent market conditions and urgency. Once you brief us on a vacancy, we will provide you with a quote outlining expected timeframes and cost, plus a recommendation on the best search to undertake to secure your ideal candidate.

Candidate sourcing, shortlisting and selection

When working to fill a job vacancy for you, we source candidates via a variety of different methods including our database, advertising, headhunting, referrals and international networks. We take the time to understand the required competencies and cultural fit for the role. Meaning through our knowledge of the talent market and alignment with your goals, we can then create a long list of talent and narrow that down to a shortlist for interview. Our ratio of interview to shortlist is often 5:1. Meaning that to present to you a shortlist of four candidates we meet a minimum of 20 people for the role. Our selected candidates should align strongly with the brief you provided. We will help guide you towards the final selection of the best person for the job and for your business.

Market Insights

Times are changing and never has our world seen more disruption. In response to this, organisations are rapidly realising the value a sturdy HR function can provide. To enable you to do your job well, make informed decisions and stay on top of industry changes, we provide you with an annual market insights report and regular blogs. You can find some of these in our 'Insights' section. Should you require more specific information, please reach out to discuss and we may be able to support you with a bespoke data search exercise.

Advertising & Brand Extension

When wanting to increase the visibility of your company brand to new and uncovered talent pools of candidates, you need to ensure the key features translate effectively to your target market. We support you in this by offering guidance on what is appealing vs what is not and how to best attract the candidate pool you are seeking. We offer co-branded advertising campaigns, video and social media marketing and introductions to industry leading organisations who can further project you to the right people.

Salary Data and Guidance

Figuring out what 'the right number' is, can be difficult. Certainly when remuneration and benefits trends are so rapidly changing! We take the time to advise you on the right salary level for any role in which you are recruiting, and extend to you our market insights report which also provides guidance on what is appropriate for certain jobs in certain companies.

HR and Talent Executive Search

In a report released in early 2022, LinkedIn noted that from data collated across January 2017 to July 2021, the role of Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) was number one in the list of fastest-growing jobs in Australia. However, this does mean that this talent pool of candidates is largely uncultivated. Recruiting at an executive level in HR requires consideration of many different factors; an open mind, a large network and a sophisticated style. Our Founder & CEO is hands on at Levyl, and leads any executive search our company is engaged on. Providing the opportunity with the care, consultation, consideration and time required.

Advice on Hiring

We understand that you may require advice on hiring however do not have the budget or approval for agency spend. At Levyl we take an integrated approach to working with you, meaning we don’t shy away from probono work. We see it in everyone’s best interests for you to fill your vacancy with the right person. We work with a commercial yet societally aware approach that focuses on building trust and long-term relationships, that aren’t just limited to one search. If you have questions on your hire or have hit a road-block in a search process - please reach out and discuss with us, we will tell you what we think.

Support in meeting your DE&I goals

Levyl is passionate about contributing to the creation of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce for all. To play our part in influencing change, we created the 'High Potential Program', which generates talent pools of candidates that are eager to pursue a career in HR; that are prone to bias or discrimination. These candidates may be living with a disability, seeking part-time employment, or discriminated against because of their age, sexual orientation, race or religion. If you would like to opt into this program, we ask you to meet with us to understand more about the purpose, sign a pledge and peruse the program resources. The HPP launches on the 1st of October 2022.