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Employer FAQ's

Please see if your queries on the HPP are answered below.

This program sounds great, how do we sign up?

Please reach out to our team to initiate a HPP introduction call. Should we both agree the HPP is a good fit for your organisation, from there we will organise a discovery meeting with your DE&I team and a workforce planning meeting with your Talent/Recruitment team. Through these engagements we will look to agree on our sourcing strategy and partnership goals. We will also ask you to sign a pledge and we will want to agree on commercial terms.

I don’t have a HR vacancy right now, but I may in future. Can I still sign up to the HPP?

Absolutely! So long as you meet the pre-requisites listed for participation, on our 'About The Program' page. We can still proceed with the discovery and workforce planning meeting to gain an understanding of your DE&I goals and expected growth or turnover. We can then commence talent pooling in line with our agreed strategy.

Can you apply the HPP program to other job types?

At this point in time, the HPP program is limited only to HR roles. However never say never!

Will the candidates you send me be qualified to do the job?

Speaking from a traditional standpoint; in some instances yes, in some instances no. This is why we encourage HPP participants to have an open mind and prompt healthy conversation around what is the most important skillset for the job. This will help us finetune as much as possible a high potential candidate that will be a strong match for your company, with minimal revisions needing to be made to get the ROI from their hire into the job.

Will we know what bias or discrimination the candidate has faced prior to interviewing them?

Yes. We will send you a profile on the candidate including details of why they may be struggling in their search for a role in HR, and the support they may need if hired into your organisation.

If we don’t believe the candidate is right for the role, how do we let them down in a manner that doesn’t further enforce bias and impact self-esteem?

Included in our resource suite is an interview guide that will answer some of these queries, however we encourage you to ensure you are set up to facilitate a fair recruitment process in consideration of a HPP candidate. Do not meet the candidate if you do not see their potential, and consider in advance of their interview what support your organisation would need to provide if they were successful. This is where the feedback loop between your DE&I Lead - frontline hiring managers - and Levyl becomes critical. We need to ensure the accomodations required are possible, before committing to a meeting.

How do we ensure that any candidate we hire into the business from this program, is set up to succeed?

We encourage an open communication dialogue and feedback loop from your first meeting with the candidate, well into their professional journey with your company. You should discuss with them and with us, any accommodations that need to be made or support provided throughout the interview process, and do the same for your onboarding process & induction. Once they are in the business, the work doesn't stop. Beyond the role specific adjustments, you may need to conduct broader educational sessions for company wide staff to raise awareness and empathy. This is where your DE&I Lead should step in. We can provide guidance however suggest your inhouse team partner with us here, and we also reccomend you leverage resources from the Diversity Council of Australia.